Paramilitary Force To Fight Against Poaching

The Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) has requested the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to operate from the current civilian system to paramilitary for getting lasting solution to poaching.

According to Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Natural Resources, the change is valid due to the prevailing problem of poaching.

The PS was speaking at the climax of a training for 101 soldiers and 25 game reserve rangers at Mlele camp in Katavi Game Reserve in Katavi Region.

Maj Gen Milanzi said, “Currently, our game reserves are facing a huge challenge of poaching especially elephants and rhinos because of blatant disregard of ethics by guards and rangers.”

He added to be forwarding the request to other authorities to help prepare proper legal framework before presenting in Parliament.

He urged to the soldiers to prepare a proper transition mechanism that will help after the change in law.

The poachers are currently using sophisticated weapons and technology as well. They have been changing their tactics regularly to complete their mission without leaving a trace to be caught.

The soldiers who have completed the training would be making regular operations and ensure animals are not taken in the game reserves.

Currently there are sixteen different game reserves across Tanzania.

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