Cristy Nicole Deweese

Parents outrage after high school Spanish teacher, 21, revealed as Playboy model

DALLAS – A North Texas Spanish teacher is under fire after students and parents learned about her Playboy past.

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese (pictured left) is now a Spanish teacher in Dallas, Texas. When she was 18, she posed as ‘Coed of the month’ for Playboy

Cristy Nicole Deweese posed for Playboy online after being named Cowed of the Month in 2011, when she was 18-years-old. A behind-the-scenes video shows Deweese eating beef jerky, as she tells the camera, “I want to be a high school Spanish teacher.” Now she is a teacher at Yvonne Ewell Townview Center, a Dallas ISD magnet school. Many students agree it’s a distraction, but parents and teenagers are divided about how the district should respond. “She’s a really good teacher,” Zapora Long, a sophomore in Deweese’s class, said. “She’s really nice and really good at teaching Spanish and she never mentioned anything about it.”

Students say Deweese was not at school Monday. FOX 4 tried to contact her at home, but she gave no comment.

“I think it would be more distracting for the boys,” Esmeralda Landa-Soch, a parent, said. “They wouldn’t see the teacher as a role model like she’s supposed to be.”

Deweese didn’t break any laws by posing for Playboy online.

A Texas Education Agency spokesperson says this is a very grey area for the district. She says it’s likely looking at its policies on Employee Standards of Conduct and reviewing the Code of Ethics for Educators to figure out what to do, if anything.

The spokesperson says first year teachers are usually on a probationary contract and the district could just decide not to rehire her.

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