People With Albinism

People With Albinism Still Living In Witchcraft Fear: Human Rights

People with albinism still are living in fear of witchcraft in the country, if believed to United Nations human rights expert Ikponwosa Ero who made a 11-day visit very recently.

Ms. Ero made her first visit to Tanzania. She is an expert on the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism. She said the albinos are still living in a fragile situation and violence against them in more than a decade has taken their toll.

However, she added the number of recorded attacks on people with albinism in Tanzania has dropped and the government is to be praised for the efforts in safeguarding them from being victims of witchcraft practices.

The independent expert mentioned positive measures have been seen in addressing of witchcraft practices including registration of traditional healers.

She said complete oversight over the work of Tanzanian government has not yet been achieved and the biggest threat to the people with albino now is skin cancer and more could be done in this area.

Ms. Ero added, “It is heartening to see the Government working in partnership with civil society in health and education, most notably in providing visual aids and in the use of mobile clinics to prevent skin cancer.”

She continued such programmes require more involvement of the government and more people need to be reached to ensure work is sustained.

Praising the government she welcomed significant reduction in the number of reports of attacks against people with albinism.

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