Pili Hussein

Pili Hussein Posed Man For Decade, Revealed Identity When Accused Of Rape

A Tanzanian woman named Pili Hussein posed as man for decade to work in mines as miners where women are not allowed.

Pili had hid her identity for several years and even co-workers couldn’t understand the reality until she had to reveal her true sex following allegation by a female she has raped her.

The woman had grown up in a large family with 38 brothers and sisters. Her father was a livestock keeper and hence she too was put into the same work.

BBC reported citing the statement of Pili, her father treated like a boy and was put to work for taking care of livestock. She didn’t like the work.

At the age of 31 Pili escaped her abusive marriage too and went on to strike something big for herself. Finally she was aspired to work as a minor at a mine that mines tanzanite, a precious violet-blue gemstone.

As women are not allowed to work in mines, in the tunnels, Pili posed herself as a man. She acted like a gorilla, used bad language, fought too much, carry big knife and did all the acts that a man can do.

Pili got employed as miner and worked 12 hours a day finding gemstones in the tunnels. She worked bravely and even better than many other co-workers.

Talking to BBC Pili said she was very strong and could deliver what other men used to. Even her performance was better than many men.

After about a year in the job Pili uncovered two clusters of tanzanite and hence became rich. She built homes for her family members and started her own mining business.

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