PM To Delay Shifting Office To Dodoma

In a new report it is learned Tanzanian Prime Minister Kassim Majalwa may not be shifting his office to the newly build capital as it was earlier announced.

According to Regional Commissioner Jordan Rugimbana, the PM would be delaying moving his office from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma until the completion of the Bunge Sitting that is scheduled to start next week.

Rugimbana added the prime minister want to enable ministers as well as other relevant authorities to concentrate on such issues that pertains to the Parliament sitting.

The Regional Commissioner further said during the Bung=e sessions the government does not want to see the new capital hosting an event of great magnitude and also the ministers should not be engaged in other activities by missing some sessions.

The government also wants the local authorities of Dodoma have enough time in working on some important issues before finally shifting the entire office from Dar es Salaam.

Rugimbana said the shifting of Premier’s office will be written down in history and it will be one of the major events to occur in Tanzania. This is the reason enough time is given to the Dodoma authorities to address some of the challenges.

Meanwhile, it is also learned the regional authorities in Dodoma have planned for a grand reception of the PM.

The Dodoma residents are planning to host a special ceremony for the prime minister at Mtumba Municipality premises. The event would be spiced up by various artistes and traditional dancing groups.

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