Police Arrests 20 LGBT From Zanzibar Accused Of Homosexuality

Tanzania has cracked down once again on LGBT heavily and arrested 8 men and 12 women from a HIV/AIDS training session in Zanzibar over the weekend.

The men and women are accused of homosexuality, which is illegal in the semi-autonomous island and also against the law of Tanzania.

Police said they had rounded up the 20 people suspecting they were engaged in homosexuality and such vigilance against the LGBT groups will be intensified further.

The people were arrested from a hotel in Zanzibar where an NGO was conducting a training session for the LGBT groups.

The NGO which was conducting the session works on education programs for HIV/AIDS.

Earlier this year in February the government had warned to be cracking down heavily on the gay and lesbians.

However, it is interesting to know there is no ban on lesbian sex in the country while for gay sex between men the punishment is anything from 30 years to life imprisonment.

For quite a long time the politicians in Tanzania had ignored the gay community, but during recent time the anti-gay campaign has come into action.

Deputy Health Minister Hamisi Kigwangalla vowed on Friday in the Tanzanian Parliament ti be fighting against the LGBT with all their strength.

The John Magufuli government has also announced to be deporting all such foreigners who support homosexuality in the country.

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