Politicians Kill Albinos For Witchcraft During Elections To Win: Legislator Kasuku Bilango

Legislator Kasuku Bilango said the albinos live in fear during the elections of getting killed and after the elections the killings stop.

Addressing to the Members of Parliament (MPs) on equality with people living with disabilities he accused the politicians to be involved in the killing and using the body parts in witchcraft rituals to win the elections.

He added the politicians kill albino people during the elections period and government fails to take action against them though many have been arrested.

Public education is required to change the perception of people towards albinos and associated myths about their body parts, said Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMOs) Policy, Parliament, Labour, Youth and the Disable, Dr Abdallah Possi.

He said passing the hanging sentence won’t be the solution to the issue but proper education is required.

The killing of albino people during the last general elections was lower compared to earlier elections.

Possi added further it is responsibility of the government to provide public education and it is the responsibility of legislators to educate in the constituencies of the MPs.

Philipo Mulugo (Songwe – CCM) said the government must have special desks for disable people and also should prioritize employment for them.

He added the disabled teachers have not been employed for over six years in the country.

Possi said he is not in support for the disable people to become street beggars.

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