Promising student vet killed himself ‘after being forced to separate from his girlfriend’

A student killed himself after being forced to separate from his girlfriend, an inquest has heard.

18-year-old student Josh Bazeley killed himself in July last year after splitting from his girlfriend, an inquest has heard

Burton Albion fan Joshua Bazeley, 18, had searched the internet for information about paracetamol overdoses just hours before running in front of a lorry on the A38 in Stretton.

Mr Bazeley (right), of Orchid Close, Stapenhill, told a friend hours before his death: “I have reached a point where I feel like nobody cares about me.”

The message, sent using social networking site Facebook, continued: “The only people I ever loved are pulling away from me.”

The inquest, sitting at Burton Town Hall, heard Mr Bazeley had formed a relationship with Hannah Kinston in February last year while working for her father, John, at Stanton House Farm in Bridle Lane, Stanton.

Police Constable Andy Hogan, who investigated the death, said: “After around six months, he (Mr Kinston) became aware of the relationship. This coincided with a huge increase in his daughter’s mobile phone bill. He intervened and said he didn’t want the relationship to continue. Josh was upset about this.”

Mr Bazeley also heard claims on the day of his death that Miss Kinston had become involved with another man following their separation.

The grade A student, who was due to begin studying at the Royal Veterinary College in London two months after his death, was killed instantly when hit by the lorry at just after 1am on July 16 last year.

Stephen Morley, who was driving the truck on the southbound carriageway when he hit the former Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Sports College pupil near the Hillfield Lane bridge, told the inquest: “I saw somebody dart out. I hit my brakes and tried to get to get over to the other side of the carriageway. I knew it was a human being and not an animal. I saw his face looking up at me.”

Mr Bazeley’s relationship with Miss Kinston ended on June 30. Mr Bazeley had been to Ashby Show on July 15 but returned to Stanton House Farm afterwards.

He left work wearing his overalls but, despite several reported sightings by motorists, never returned home. He died later that night.

A friend told Mr Bazeley in a Facebook message before his death that Miss Kinston had ‘got over you’ and ‘fallen for’ another man.

PC Hogan said Mr Bazeley then appeared to ‘descend into a state of upset and confusion’.

Margaret Jones, deputy coroner for South Staffordshire, recorded a verdict of suicide, saying Mr Bazeley was ‘very deeply affected’ by his separation from Miss Kinston after ‘it was deemed by her father that the relationship was perhaps a little premature’.

Mrs Jones said: “Quite what triggered his final thoughts to prompt him to step in front of that vehicle we are simply never going to know.”

Source Burton Mail

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Promising student vet killed himself ‘after being forced to separate from his girlfriend’

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