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Ration Cuts For East African Refugees May Increase Crime

United Nations official cites crime, malnutrition and school dropouts could increase in east Africa following funding shortages to support the 1.5 million refugees.

The World Food Programme (WFP)’s east Africa spokesman said the foot rations and other aids have been lately in high demand and donors are seen lately prioritizing crisis in Yemen, Bangladesh and Syria.

Peter Smerdon added there’s now cut in maize, beans and vegetable oil for the refugees of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

He mentioned, “In my 15 years at WFP, I have never seen this number of refugees, at this time of year, having cuts to their food rations.”

Smerdon further continued that donors are unable to balance the huge demand of rations and people may fall through the cracks.

The current data reveals WFP has received just 20 percent of the $360 million needed for the Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda refugees in 2018.

Smerdon said if more funding fails to come at the WFP there could be further cuts in the rationing to the east African refugees.

If the ration is reduced the refugee families may not send their children to school to save money on books, uniforms and other required stuff. The children will also be asked to either find food or work.

The spokesperson didn’t fail to say that crime may likely to go up and people may go into further debt. In long run child malnutrition too may increase.