Referring Man Auction In Libya The UN Says Slavery Has No Place

United Nations secretary general has voiced over the auctioning of African migrants in Libya as slaves saying he is horrified after getting the report.

Briefing to the reporters at the UN headquarters Antonio Guterres said slavery has no place in the world and the practice is among the most egregious abuses of human rights.

Guterres added that he has asked the relevant UN actors to conduct investigation to last week’s report from Tripoli in Libya that included a surreptitiously recorded video of a dozen of migrants from African countries who were auctioned at an undisclosed location.

He said the Libyan authorities have promised to investigate the matter after the video was shared.

Meanwhile, protesters in hundreds gathered in front of the Libyan Embassy in Paris saying “Free our brothers” and “Put an end to the slavery and concentration camps in Libya.”

Protesters turned out violent and were dispersed by police with tear-gas.

The African Union Commission said it has urged the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights to help the investigation being conducted by the Libyan authorities.

Guterres added the auction reminds them to address migration flows.

Libya is one of the important crossroads for many Africans who seek entry to Europe and usually through unscrupulous smugglers. Many manage to fled or trafficked across the Mediterranean Sea, but there are several who are drowned at sea. Earlier this month 26 Nigerian women and girls were drowned while trying to fled the country for brighter future in European countries.