Lung Disease

Researchers Decode Genetic Links Between Smoking And Lung Disease

It is usually said smoking is not good for health, but some people do enjoy a healthy lungs despite being a lifetime smoker. This is true and something shocking for those who says smoking is not good for health. Researchers have now come up with a reason to it after analyzing over 50,000 people, both smokers as well as non-smokers.

Researchers from Medical Research Council found mutations in the DNA-enhanced lung function of the smokers and it masked the deadly impact of smoking. They said the new finding may pave the way of developing new drugs to help improve the lung function. However, smoking will not be the best option.

The team looked at the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that leads to coughing, breathlessness and repeat chest infections. It is believed about three million people are effected in the UK due to the condition such as emphysema and bronchitis.

The researchers found 6 independent genetic variants is some smokers that were linked to the COPD and lung health. Such variants were also discovered in those who never smoked. These prevented COPD and other smoking-related diseases.

Details of the study are published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal. It was presented at a meeting of the European Respiratory Society too.

The study, however, didn’t cover risk of cancers and heart disease among smokers.

According to head of research at the British Lung Foundation, Ian Jarrold, the finding is a step forward in understanding the fascinating and intricate reality of lung health.

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