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Sleep Amnea Can Be Treated With CPAP Therapy: Study

In one of the studies earlier made it was found sleep apnea is treatable and is very possible with the help of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

Let’s first understand what in fact is Sleep Apnea

A person when stops breathing during sleep for few seconds, he or she come out of the deep sleep into light one and this lead to sleep disruption. As an aftermath the quality of sleep deteriorates or becomes poor. Such situation can occur about thirty times within one hour of sleep. The disorder is common and many people suffer with the so-called Sleep Apnea. When normal breathing is resumed, people with the disorder make snorting or choking sound. The usual habit to these continuous disturbances is waking up and feeling tired. This leads to excessive daytime sleepiness or drowsiness. As of now the diagnosis is difficult for sleep apnea and hence many even go unaware of suffering from it.

What the study suggests

In the latest findings more than 400 people of both sexes were studied. Their average age was 52 years. They were prescribed CPAP through a mask for five hours over three months duration. It was found most of the subjects felt no self harm after the treatment as they use to experience before the study.

According to experts and other researchers the study is encouraging. One can find the details of the study from JAMA Internal Medicine.

Call of the time

It is immense necessary to discover a good treatment of Sleep Amnea as more and more cases of the disorder is being recorded every day.