Somali Refugees Need To Leave Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta

Nairobi – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta stamped Friday the Somali refugees need to leave the country as the issue has resulted in making the natural resources scarce in the areas they have inhibited and threat of conflict has also been accelerated.

Kenyatta was speaking on the occassion when delegates from across the world for the United Nationals Environment Assembly (UNEA-2) has gathered in Nairobi to discuss environmental issues.

The discussions of UNEA-2 in the Kenyan capital includes environmental impact of refugees in countries of origin as well as transit and reception.

The group has noted earlier the needs of recovery, reconstruction, energy and shelter of the refugees demands more natural resources.

According to the Kenyan president the repartriating process of Somali refugees have started and global community has been called to partner with them to ensure success.

Kenyatta added, “The train has already left the station. It’s now up to those who are interested in seeing the success of the journey to come on board.”

He further said the action of Kenya should not be misinterpreted and it is to take note they have hosted refugees for decades from neighboring nations.

Major conflict may come across in future if the Somali refugees problem is not dealt with now. Also, repatrician is viewed as one way of stabilising Somalia.

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