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South Sudan Army Chief Paul Malong Sacked

South Sudanese army chief Paul Malong has been fired after it was alleged he was involved in ethnic cleansing and war crimes, and many senior generals resigned. As of now it is not yet very clear whether Malong will be appointed to another position.

President Salva Kiir has appointed General James Ajong as the new army chief.

South Sudan is under civil war for past more than three years following Kiir’s sworning in as president. Initially the conflict started in capital city Juba and quickly became deadly across the country.

The country is also suffering from a famine, hyperinflation, and a loss of basic services due to the deadly civil war. About three million people have also fled their homes.

In past four days 27 people have been and over 35 others wounded in deadly violence in Gogrial state. Eyewitnesses said some people from the Aguok and Apuk communities clashed with each other over shared border.

Local activist Simon Machuor said, “That fight of yesterday caused a lot of casualties because many houses were burned from both sides and also we lost so many lives.”

Meanwhile, the country has also suspended the National Dialogue Steering Committee following very less percentage of members reporting for the duty.

The committee members were appointed by the president and only 20 percent of them turned up in the war-ravaged country. The minimum strength required is fifty-plus.

Late last year the president said the national dialogue would kick off in early March and now it is doubtful whether the discussions will really start even though it has been long awaited.

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