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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Urges Forces To Cooperate With UN Troops

South Sudan is ready to work together with the United Nations (UN) Regional Protection Force to achieve lasting peace and stability in the country.

President Salva Kiir said addressing the state’s police force the role of its security is not to fight the UN forces but in fact to cooperate with them.

South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world. It gained independence from Sudan in 2011 and since 2013 it is under civil war. About two million people have been displaced internally and thousands of civilians have lost their lives.

Lately the state forces and UN troops had been having a bumpy relation accusing each other of fueling conflict.

In one his interviews in August this year the president said UN was doing little to help the situation in their capacity.

The country is officially a UN member and it has signed cooperation agreements too.

Under such circumstances the country need to cooperate with international institutions and the relevant policies instead of fostering a poor working relationship, said political analyst James Okuk from the University of Juba.

Talking to DW he added, “If they don’t cooperate it means they are violating these agreements, because they are based between the government of South Sudan and the international bodies coming to operate in South Sudan.”

South Sudan is also a member state of the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development. It signed Geneva Conventions in 2012.

Sudan achieved independence in 1956 and until then the territories of modern South Sudan and Republic of the Sudan were under the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, occupied by Egypt, and thereafter under Anglo-Egyptian condominium.

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