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Southern Circuit Tourist Attractions Will Get A Boost In Tanzania

The southern circuit tourist attractions will get a boost in Tanzania. It has been untapped potential for years and improving infrastructure will encourage visitors to the areas.

The country’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Jumanne Maghembe, said Monday a strategy will be implemented to improve the infrastructure in the southern circuit like building good roads, airports and provide better accommodation facilities too.

The minister added government is looking ahead to provide key tourist destinations in the area packaged in better ways to encourage tourism.

Maghembe further mentioned that the John Magufuli government has recognized tourism adds to economic growth of the country.

The government is also working with the World Bank to better up the infrastructures leading to Kitulo National Parks, Udzungwa, Ruaha and Selous Game Reserve.

Maghembe continued saying, “It is indisputable fact that the Southern Circuit has a lot of unique historical sites and national parks with rare animal species in the world.”

It is also learned through senior officials the improvement of Southern Circuit would go abreast to the fight against poaching in Tanzania.

Maghembe said, “We are also promoting investments in hotels of three and five stars. It is my hope that we will be receiving tourists/ visitors of different levels.”

Tourism is one of the important economy booster sectors in the country and it contributes 17 percent of Tanzania’s GDP. In 2016 tourism employed 11 percent of the total labor force and 1,284,279 tourists arrived in the country, far more in about a decade. In 2005 the figure was 590,000.

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