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Chinese Companies Touring Kenya To Learn Investment Opportunities

Kenya seems to be the latest hot spot for investment if consider the move of Chinese companies from Shenzhen Municipality. Representatives are on a business visit to capital Nairobi to discuss investment opportunities with local investors several sectors like trade, energy, finance and agriculture. Shenzhen is one of the most innovative cities in China. Vice Chairman of China Council for ...

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China Raises Voice Against Arrest Of Chinese People In Zambia

chinese miner

Zambia arrested about dozens of Chinese people over the weekend alleging they practised illegal mining. The issue has now been highlighted and China has complained to Zambian authorities as strong evidence has not been provided. Zambia says the 31 arrested Chinese nationals operated unlicensed smelting plants and they even employed minors apart from other things which are not allowed in ...

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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Talks Improving Ties With China

uhuru kenyatta

Kenyan President UhuruKenyatta said will be working on better bilateral relation with China on African integration. He is on a Beijing trip to discuss how the goods manufactured in the country could be expected in more quantity. Briefing to the press ahead of setting foot off Kenya he said to be focusing on deeper partnership with the Chinese market. He ...

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Former President Benjamin Mkapa Urges Countries To Support China In Ivory Trade Ban

Elephant poaching is one of the biggest issues in Tanzania and ivory trade in Chinese market is wide. These have left protecting elephants. Former President Benjamin Mkapa urged the African countries to join China in its decision to ban ivory trade. China lately announced to be banning domestic ivory trade in phases and about 500 people marched yesterday in Dar ...

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Nigeria Follows One-China Policy; Asks Taiwan To Shift Office From Abuja To Lagos

In a latest move to follow the “One-China” policy the Nigerian government has asked Taiwan to shift its office from capital city Abuja to Lagos and operate all the trade mission from there. With the announcement on Wednesday in a joint conference with Chinese counterpart the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said Taiwan will no longer be recognized as a country ...

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China’s Exim Bank Sanctions Loan For Tanzania Rail Construction

China’s Export-Import Bank (Exim) has sanctioned $7.6 billion loan to Tanzania as a fund for constructing railway link that would connect Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. President John Magufuli announced the funding after securing loan following a meet with Exim Bank’s president Liu Liang, who said to be providing technical support to the country. He didn’t provide any ...

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China Funds Building Biggest Library In Tanzania

Dar es Salaam – Chinese government is set to fund 40 million USD to Tanzania in the building up of a new library at the University of Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli laid the foundation stone on Thursday and the library is said to be the biggest in Tanzania. It will house state-of-the-art facility equipped with more than 800,000 ...

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