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Moscow Begins Construction Of New Army Base Near Damascus

russian army base

Russia will be building up a new army base for its troops and officers in Khirbet Ra’es Al Waer in Syria. The territory has been leased by Damascus to Moscow for 49 years and to be renewable for another 25 years under mutual consent. The leasing was signed earlier this year in January and late last month the Russian technicians ...

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Damascus Struck By Twin Deadly Bombs; 40 Killed, Ton Injured

damascus twin bomb attacks

At least forty people have been killed in Syrian capital Damascus after two bombs exploded near to holy shrines of Shiites Muslims. More than ton is reported to have been wounded too in the blast. No jihad group or other militant organization has yet taken credit of the attacks, but it is believed to be an act of Islamic State ...

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Emirates Appoints New Manager for Tanzania

Dar es Salaam:  – 10 December 2013 – Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, has announced Mr. Khalid Al Zarouni as the new Country Manager for Tanzania Mr. Zarouni started his career with Emirates in 2006 as part of the airline’s successful UAE National Commercial Management Programme. He completed his outstation training in Singapore and was posted as Manager Cyprus in 2009 and Country Manager for Uganda in 2011. Before joining Emirates, Khalid worked in the banking sector for three years. He will be succeeding Mr. Abdulaziz Al Hai, who proceeds to Sudan as the new Country Manager. Mr. Abdulaziz also started his career with Emirates in 2003 as part of the airline’s UAE National Management Programme. In 2006, he took on the role of Airport Manager in various markets: Damascus, Kuwait and three years later in Cairo. Abdulaziz moved from airport services to commercial operations and was appointed as Country Manager for Tanzania in 2011 for two years. ”These moves reinforce our commitment to the long term career development of our employees” said Hubert Frach, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President Commercial Operations West. “Market dynamics vary in every one of our destinations creating a unique working environment and offering our Country Managers the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the aviation industry.” He continued: “Africa is a market that is constantly evolving with over 150 flights operating across the continent each week. The region continues to grow exponentially each year and Emirates is well placed to capitalize on this growth with a 24 destinations across the continent.” The airline has also announced several other management changes in its commercial operations team within Africa as follow: Husain Al Safi, the new Country Manager Zambia. Alsafi, who holds bachelor degree in Engineering Management from the Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE in 2007, joined Emirates as a Commercial Trainee and was appointed Country Manager for Bangladesh in 2009 and a year later for Yemen. Al Safi‘s recent position was Country Manager for Algeria for nearly a year. Thani Abdulla Al Ansari, new Country Manager Uganda. Thani joined Emirates in 2011 as a Commercial Trainee where he took on various roles as Commercial Manager in the UAE, Bombay and London. He holds bachelor degree in Business Administration from the American University in Texas, USA. Tariq Obaid, new Country Manager Algeria. Tariq started his career with the Emirates Group in 2007 as a college work placement trainee in the Flight Operations Center, where he handled various aircraft and quality audit responsibilities.  He progressed to join the Emirates Group’s commercial management program and took on various roles as Sales Manager in both Libya and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Dammam station, and Country Manager for Sudan. The new appointed Country Managers for Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda will report directly to Orhan Abbas, Senior Vice President Commercial Operations for Latin America, Central and Southern Africa, whereas the Country Managers for Sudan and Algeria will be part of the commercial team that falls under Adil Al Ghaith, Vice President Commercial Operations for Northern and Western Africa.

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Putin tops Forbes most powerful people list

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named the world’s most powerful person by Forbes magazine. Mr Putin has beaten Mr Obama into second place He has beaten US President Barack Obama into second place on the US magazine’s 2013 list. Pope Francis features at number four after Chinese President Xi Jinping. Mr Obama’s “lame duck period” had started earlier than usual while Mr Putin had consolidated his control of Russia, Forbes says. German Chancellor Angela Merkel ranked number five – one of only two women to feature in the top 20. British PM David Cameron is 11th most powerful, in the magazine’s opinion – well ahead of his French counterpart but well behind American philanthropist Bill Gates. ‘Lame duck’ It is the first time in three years that Mr Obama has dropped to second place on the Forbes list. It comes as relations between the US and Russia have been hit by the civil war in Syria. Mr Putin, who has been dominating Russian politics for 12 years, was re-elected president in March 2012. Mr Obama, on the other hand, has emerged bruised from a 16-day US government shutdown caused by a budget and debt crisis in Washington, Forbes says: “Putin has solidified his control over Russia, while Obama’s lame duck period has seemingly set in earlier than usual for a two-term president – latest example: the government shutdown mess.” Russia granted asylum in August to former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, who is wanted in the US over intelligence leaks. A month later, Mr Putin “played the trump card again” by averting Mr Obama’s threatened missile strikes on Syria with a plan for Damascus to hand over chemical weapons, the magazine says. “Anyone watching this year’s chess match over Syria and NSA leaks has a clear idea of the shifting individual power dynamics,” it adds. Agencies

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Kenyan shortlisted for prestigious CNN Hero of the Year Award

Dr Kakenya Ntaiya A Kenyan is one of the ten shortlisted candidates for this year€™s CNN Hero of the Year Award. Dr Kakenya Ntaiya from Enoosaen in Transmara, Narok County has been shortlisted because of what has been described as ‘inspiring change in her native Kenyan village. After becoming the first woman in the village to attend college in the US, she returned to open the village€™s first primary school for girls. Today, Ms Ntaiya helps provide an education – and much more – to 155 girls. Ntaiya and Mr George Bwelle from Cameroon are the only contestants from Africa. Bwelle, for decades, watched his father suffer, unable to get the medical attention he needed. Now a doctor himself, Bwelle travels into the jungles of his native Cameroon nearly every weekend, providing free surgery for those who don’t have access to health care. Others include Dale Beatty, Robin Emmons, Danielle Gletow, Tawanda Jones, Richard Nares, Chad Pregracke, Laura Stachel and Estella Pyfrom all from the US. CNN Top 10 Heroes of 2013 recognises everyday people who are changing the world. Online voting for the “CNN Hero of the Year” opened Thursday, October 10 at 8am and will run through Sunday, November 17 at 11:59pm. At the same time, the global chemical weapons watchdog working to eliminate chemical arms stockpiles around the battlefields of Syria’s civil war won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ( OPCW), a relatively small organisation with a modest budget, dispatched experts to Syria after a sarin gas attack killed more than 1,400 people near Damascus in August. “€œWe were aware that our work silently but surely was contributing to peace in the world,”€ OPCW head Ahmet Uzumcu said. “The last few weeks have brought this to the fore. The entire international community has been made aware of our work.” Changing the world Nobel Peace Prize committee head Thorbjoern Jagland said the award was a reminder to nations such as the US and Russia to eliminate their own large stockpiles, especially because they are demanding that others do the same, like Syria€. “We now have the opportunity to get rid of an entire category of weapons of mass destruction… That would be a great event in history if we could achieve that,”€ he said. Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai, shot in the head a year ago by the Taliban, had been the bookmakers€™ favourite to win the prize for her campaign for girls€™ right to education. The OPCW Syria mission was unprecedented in taking place in the heat of a civil war that has riven the country and killed more than 100,000 people. Members of the Hague-based OPCW team themselves came under sniper fire on August 26

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Putin challenges US on Syria claims

Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged the US to present to the UN evidence that Syria attacked rebels with chemical weapons near Damascus. Russia’s Vladimir Putin challenges US on Syria claims Mr Putin said it would be “utter nonsense” for Syria’s government to provoke opponents with such attacks. US President Barack Obama says he is considering military action against Syria after intelligence reports that 1,429 people were killed on 21 August. UN weapons inspectors have now left Syria and arrived in the Netherlands. They are taking the evidence they gathered during four days of site visits to the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, in The Hague. The samples are thought to include soil, swabs from munitions, blood and hair from the victims and, experts say, possibly even flesh from dead bodies. The UN has said its inspectors were able to carry out a “wide range of fact-finding activities”. However, their mandate is limited to determining the use of chemical weapons and not who used them. Obama statement The US says hundreds of children were among those killed in the suspected chemical weapons attacks, which it blames on the Syrian government. Syria says the US claim is “full of lies” and says rebels carried out the attacks. Mr Obama is to make a statement on Syria at 17:15 GMT but will not announce any imminent military action, the White House says. Senior officials are holding conference calls on Saturday about Syria with both Republican and Democratic senators. Mr Obama said on Friday the US was planning a “limited, narrow” military response that would not involve “boots on the ground”. ‘Trump card’ The inspectors’ departure from Syria removes both a practical and a political obstacle to the launch of US-led military action, correspondents say. The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen in Damascus says people are worried and are making preparations

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‘Chemical attacks’ near Damascus

Chemical weapons attacks have killed dozens on the outskirts of Damascus, Syrian opposition activists claim. Doctors in makeshift hospitals explained patients’ symptoms in footage uploaded to YouTube Rockets with toxic agents were launched at the suburbs of the Ghouta region in the early hours of Wednesday morning, they say. Footage uploaded to YouTube by activists shows many people being treated in makeshift hospitals. A team of UN inspectors arrived in Syria on Sunday to probe earlier allegations of chemical weapons use. It is not clear whether the inspectors will look into the latest allegations. They are due to investigate three locations, including the northern town of Khan al-Assal, where some 26 people were killed in March. Both the rebels and government forces have accused each other of using chemical weapons during the conflict. It is not possible to independently verify the claims. Syria is widely believed to possess large undeclared stockpiles of mustard gas and sarin nerve agent. Agencies

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