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Congo’s Electoral Commission Announces Presidential Elections Not Possible In 2017


The long delayed presidential elections in Democratic Republic of Congo will face further delay as Electoral Commission of the country announced Friday in Paris that even by the end of 2017 votes would not be possible. The mandate of President Joseph Kabila is ending by the mid of December this year following long protests and claiming dozens of lives in ...

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Footballer, Ex-Model, Soft Drinks Tycoon In Liberia President Race

The first elected female leader of Africa is about to step down and with this the race for the post of Liberian president has started equipped with candidates having profiles like a football superstar, soft drinks millionaire and former warlord. Array of potential candidates have lined up to replace Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in October when the ...

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Gambians To Go On Polls Tomorrow

After twenty-two years of one-party rule Gambia may see multiple parties entering the parliament. The country will go into election on Thursday, first time since departure of long time dictator leader Yahya Jammeh from the country. Several parties were united last December to form a coalition in Gambia and oust Jammeh, but internal tensions resulted with breakup of the unity. ...

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Kenya’s Rift Valley Suffer Politics-Based Clashes Ahead Of Elections

Kenya's Rift Valley Clashe

In the recent weeks the Rift Valley region in Kenya has become a place of deadly clashes between the farmers and cattle rustlers. Over a dozen houses have been destroyed and local people are accusing the police of doing so. Villager James Tangin said he couldn’t understand why the police is attacking their homes and after the first sound of ...

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Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Calls Election Results Void, Need For Re-Vote

Gambia’s leader Yahya Jammeh, who seized power in 1994 in a bloodless coup, has rejected the December 1 presidential elections result even after 22 years of ruling the country, plunging the country into turmoil with a demand for fresh polls. Investigations reveal there were string of unacceptable errors and the leader said he would not concede to opponent Adama Barrow. ...

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Gabon’s Re-Election Delayed For 7 Months Citing Fund Crisis

Elections in Gabon is scheduled to be taking place this month, but lately it is reported to be delayed for up to seven months citing a fund problem. The electoral commission told Prime Minister Emmanuel Ngondet the election is not possible to conduct in December and thereafter the decision of delay is taken by the country’s constitutional court. Gabon’s Interior ...

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Politicians Kill Albinos For Witchcraft During Elections To Win: Legislator Kasuku Bilango

Legislator Kasuku Bilango said the albinos live in fear during the elections of getting killed and after the elections the killings stop. Addressing to the Members of Parliament (MPs) on equality with people living with disabilities he accused the politicians to be involved in the killing and using the body parts in witchcraft rituals to win the elections. He added ...

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