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UN Donates $16 Million To Zimbabwe Relief Fund For Flood Victims

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) donated to Zimbabwe government an amount of $16 million to assist more than 32,000 flood victims in the country in addition to the earlier allocated $82 million in 2016. The country was hit by worst drought last year and more than four million people in rural parts were affected. United Nations resident ...

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Kyela District In Tanzania Hit By Worst Flood In Two Decades; Two Dead, Schools Closed

Schools in the Kyela district are flooded with water following heavy downpour for past one week and hence forced to be shut down. Hundreds of people have been displaced in the district bordering Malawi and two are reported to have been killed. At least 6,000 school students are affected. Kyela District Commissioner Thea Ntala said the transport for school children ...

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