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Opposition MP Faces Arrest Over Allegations To Have Insulted President

tanzanian opposition mp

Member of Parliament from opposition party in Tanzania faces arrest after allegedly insulting President John Magufuli. Halima Mdee criticized viciously the president’s decision on teenage mums. She used abusive language against him. She also condemned the ban of teenage mothers from schooling even after giving birth to the baby calling it archaic and unconstitutional. In Tanzania using abusive language against ...

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Magufuli’s Punishment On Gender Basis Trapping Girls Into Poverty Cycle


Literacy data reveals one among four females in Tanzania is not literate. Amid such poor literacy rate it is sad for women group that President John Magufuli has banned pregnant schoolgirls from entering the school, even after giving birth to the baby. The rights group adds the president is punishing pregnant girls by penalizing them on the basis of gender ...

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Magufuli Criticized For Saying Pregnant Schoolgirls Should Not Go To School

pregnant schoolgirls

Women’s rights groups have been lately putting all the efforts to make President John Magufuli apologize and reverse his statement on expulsion of pregnant schoolgirls from educational institutions. Addressing to a rally on Monday in Chalinze town the president said as per 2002 law the pregnant schoolgirls could be asked to leave the school under offences against morality and wedlock ...

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Tanzania Bans Tabloid Mawio For Linking Former Presidents With Mining Scam

The John Magufuli government has banned tabloid named Mawio for two years following a published story that linked former Presidents Benjamin Mkapa and Jakaya Kikwete to the mineral concentrates exports scandal. The Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe, said the ban was effective immediately. Director of Information Services, Hassan Abbasi, issued a statement saying the tabloid published ...

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Magufuli Sacks IGP Ernest Mangu, Simon Sirro Takes Charge

IGP Ernest Mangu

President John Magufuli sacked inspector general of police (IGP) Ernest Mangu on Sunday and it is learned from a statement by Directorate of Presidential Communication that he would be assigned other duties. Dar es Salaam Police Special Zone Police Commander Simon Sirro has replaced him and he will be sworn in on Monday. The president is the commander-in-chief of the ...

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Tanzania, Uganda Signs Pact On Oil Pipeline

tanzania, uganda

Tanzanian President John Magufuli and Ugandan President Museveni signed a deal which features waving of taxes on materials used in construction of crude oil pipeline between Hoima district to Tanga port. It shows commitment of both the countries is towards having the oil pipeline and potentiality for the investors to pump i some money for the project and to complete ...

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15K Vacancies In Civil Services Announced

john magufuli

About fifteen thousand job vacancies have been made in civil services and interested potential workers can apply for it by the end of June 2017. The Permanent Secretary in the Tanzania President’s Office (Public Service and Good Governance), Laurian Ndumbaro, said recently over 9,000 civil servants were sacked due to fake documents and the government has asked institutions to submit ...

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