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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Talks Improving Ties With China

uhuru kenyatta

Kenyan President UhuruKenyatta said will be working on better bilateral relation with China on African integration. He is on a Beijing trip to discuss how the goods manufactured in the country could be expected in more quantity. Briefing to the press ahead of setting foot off Kenya he said to be focusing on deeper partnership with the Chinese market. He ...

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Malawi, Kenya, Ghana Selected For Malaria Vaccine Test: WHO

malaria vaccine test

Malawi, Kenya and Ghana have been selected by World Health Organization (WHO) to test the world’s first malaria vaccine. The injectable vaccine project will begin in 2018 in the three African countries where children in hundreds and thousands have been at risk of death due to malaria. According to WHO regional director for Africa the vaccine will be able to ...

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Doctors Selected For Kenya To Serve Tanzania Public Hospitals

tanzania doctors

Following the U-turn of Kenya not to hire foreign doctors, Tanzania has announced to be employing the shortlisted 258 doctors and 11 health officers in its public hospitals. Kenya was supposed to hire 500 doctors from the country to help shortage of health workers and also work as a backup to the public hospitals amid long strike of doctors. Kenyan ...

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Kenya Becomes Top Destination For Global Rich Individuals

kenya tourism

Kenya has beaten Mautirius and Seychelles in terms of tourism and has become the preferred travel destination for rich people, or the High Net-Worth Individuals (NHWI). A new report released lately by the Afrasia New World Wealth reveals the country hosted 4,000 multi-millionaires in 2016. Morocco was on the second place with 5,000 such guests and South Africa topped in ...

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Kenyan Doctors End Strike But Long Path To Walk For Good Healthcare

The 100-day strike has ended. Doctors in Kenya are now back to work, but question has been raised what are the long-term implications of it on the creaking health service of the country. The strike started with demands to implement a collective bargaining agreement by the government that was signed in 2013 and it ended after more than three months ...

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Tanzania To Send 500 Doctors To Kenya

tanzanian doctors in kenya

Tanzania announced Saturday to be sending some 500 doctors to neighboring Kenya to ease the health crisis. The country’s health services have been paralyzed for more than three months following the strike by about 5,000 doctors and nurses at public hospitals demanding pay hike and better conditions. President John Magufuli said he agreed to take the step after a meeting ...

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Kenya Deploys Military To Drought Effected Counties

kenya drought

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has lately deployed military to several parts of Baringo and Lalkipia in the Rift Valley to maintain peace amid deadly violence that has been fueled due to drought. The president ordered Friday Kenya Defense Forces to work together with police to calm down the situation. He said, “The deployment will further assist in disarmament and surrender ...

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