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Kenyan Election Commission Reconfirms To Court Election Was Impartial

Kenyan Election Commission

Kenyan election commission once again has lately said the recent election as well as the results was impartial, neutral and accountable to the country’s constitution. Urging the Kenyan Supreme Court to uphold the election result and dismiss a legal challenge by the opposition National Super Alliance, the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission added Uhuru Kenyatta was validly elected according to ...

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Kenyatta Opens Rail Network From Nairobi To Mombasa

nairobi to mombasa

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta opened today the largest infrastructure project in the country in over fifty years with some help from Chinese friends. The first stage of a major railway connects capital Nairobi with Mombasa. With the help of Chinese investment and influence the project marks largest infrastructure since independence in 1964 from British colonialists. The railway track is 298 ...

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Somali Refugees Need To Leave Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta

Nairobi – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta stamped Friday the Somali refugees need to leave the country as the issue has resulted in making the natural resources scarce in the areas they have inhibited and threat of conflict has also been accelerated. Kenyatta was speaking on the occassion when delegates from across the world for the United Nationals Environment Assembly (UNEA-2) ...

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KPA lands Sh450m in new partnership deal

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) have developed a partnership to increase capacity in container trade and improve efficiency at the port. The project funded by the UK and the Netherlands Government to the tune of Sh450.5 million ($53 million) comprises ten components, including infrastructure and facility improvement. The funds will be used to improve capacity of East Africa’s largest port and support the setting up of future port operations. To unlock the trade potential of the Mombasa Port corridor, TMEA CEO Frank Martsaet said KPA and other stakeholders had developed a Mombasa Port Community Charter to guide trade facilitation through the port for national and regional economic growth. Mr Martsaet spoke during a presidential roundtable on the Mombasa Port Community Charter attended by Deputy President William Ruto at State House. He regretted that poor infrastructure, delays in cargo clearance and customs procedures at the port contributed to high cost of doing business. TMEA is a non-profit organisation that supports East African integration through partnerships with national governments, the private sector and civil society. Martsaet acknowledged the ongoing infrastructure developments at the port, which are bound to increase its capacity to handle growing volumes and associated demand for port services. President Kenyatta, who is expected to launch the Community Port Charter later this month, said the Government remained committed to measures and projects that improve productivity at the port of Mombasa. “I’m happy to note that the port stakeholders came together and developed the port charter to increase efficiency of the Mombasa port corridor,” the President said. The Mombasa Port Community Charter spells out a number of broad goals, which include transforming the port to a highly performing landlord port by 2016, and integration of all port community members systems into the Kenya National Electronic single window system by December this year.

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Christmas present for Kenya’s conservation fraternity

The conservation fraternity in Kenya had reasons to welcome Christmas as news broke yesterday in Nairobi that President Kenyatta had assented to the new Wildlife Conservation and Management Bill, making it the law of the land with immediate effect. For years had the country’s conservationists demanded that harsher penalties be imposed as often poachers, when nabbed, were released on bond or bail almost immediately as they faced minimal fines and often short prison terms, which led to a sharp increase in poaching across the country with hundreds of elephants and dozens of rhino killed. Now, under the new law, poachers, their financiers and the traders will face substantially higher fines, confiscation of property and long prison terms, but most significantly will those nabbed at airports, in possession of blood ivory or other prohibited wildlife items, face fines of not less than a million Kenya Shillings and prison terms of not less than five years. Many smugglers have been caught over the past years at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the majority of them Chinese citizens. ‘I hope the next one caught will now be given an exemplary sentence, to pay the million shillings fine, or more, and be sent down for the full 5 years, or more, depending on how much ivory they carried. Only when we start to seriously put them away will the message take hold that when you come to Kenya, or when you transit in Kenya, DO NOT CARRY CONTRABAND. That is the only language they will understand and to protect our wildlife we need harsh sentences. Any magistrate who now fails to impose both fines and custodial sentences must be hauled before the disciplinary committees and investigated for possible links with poaching syndicates. Let that be therefore a warning to the smugglers and to the lower judicial cadres’ wrote a regular Nairobi based source when passing the information that the long awaited amendements to the law have now been put into effect. A full overview of the new law can be found here by clicking on the link below: http://www.kenyalaw.org/kl/fileadmin/pdfdownloads/bills/2013/WildlifeConservationAndManagementBill2013.pdf Perhaps some belated relief for Kenya’s beleaguered wildlife on Christmas? Time will tell how the new law will affect the poaching activities in Kenya, so watch this space for future updates.

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Cotu faults Kenya’s plan to trim workforce

Kenya: Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) has termed sentiments by Deputy President William Ruto on plans to downsize civil servants as a slap in the face of Kenyans. Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli said the planned job cuts in the civil service is against the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions. “The plan to have job cuts in the civil service is against the International Labour Organisation conventions and flies in the face of Jubilee Government campaign platform of creating jobs for Kenyans,” said Atwoli. In a press statement sent to newsrooms yesterday, Mr Atwoli said the hardline position taken by the Government to devolve health services is unacceptable and supported the strike called by health workers. The giant trade union has now called for a meeting tomorrow at Solidarity Building, where the new National Social Security Fund levies are expected to be discussed. The union will also discuss the NSSF decision to undertake extension works for the Sh2.6 billion Hazina Trade Centre that has sparked off controversy. The NSSF Bill proposing 6 per cent deductions from workers’ basic pay passed by the National Assembly last week now awaits assent by President Kenyatta. By RAWLINGS OTIENO, The Standard

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Kenya: TJRC report in ‘danger’ – MPs

Some MPs have warned that the report prepared by the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission risks being altered by their colleagues in the House. West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin They said the “tyranny of numbers” is likely to be used to push through amendments to the report to safeguard interests of influential people mentioned in the report. While opposing an amendment to the TJRC Act yesterday, Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo said the work of the commission will be undermined. Odhiambo said the country must genuinely deal with historical injustices. She said Kenyans should learn from countries which have been affected by genocide, such as Rwanda, as a result of historical injustices. The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation (Amendment) Bill seeks to amend the TJRC Act of 2008 and allow MPs to have an input on the final report. Kitui Central MP Benson Mulu said MPs should not water down the report. He said the release of the report took a long time and consumed immense public resources. Mulu warned that in the past, objective recommendations from commissions were lost once the MPs took over. He said such reports have been affected by the day’s politics.  Mulu added that some of the names mentioned are “mighty,” and there is risk of politics taking centre stage to protect those named.   “That is my fear even as I support this motion,” he said. Leader of Majority Adan Duale however said Parliament was not out to water down the report but create a framework for its implementation.  He said most of the sections of the report will remain as drafted by the commission. Duale said MP should have an input on how the recommendations will be implemented with the House providing an oversight. William Cheptumo (Baringo North) said no one should cast aspersions that the MPs will not debate the report objectively. He noted that the original act denied MPs a chance to look at the recommendations though they are the representatives of the people. James Nyikal (Seme) while supporting the amendment challenged Jubilee side, which has majority in Parliament, not to take advantage and alter it.  “When this report comes to us, we must be guided by nothing else but the truth,” he said. Nicholas Gumbo (Rarieda) challenged MPs to reflect on the injustices meted on Kenyans in the past and safeguard the recommendations contained in the report. President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto are among those adversely mentioned over the violence for which they face trial at the International Criminal Court. No action, however, is recommended against them. TJRC recommends that the Director of Public Prosecutions investigate the adversely mentioned individuals, against whom the report finds there is ample evidence capable of sustaining prosecution.

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