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‘I will not be detracted by moles within UPC’

Uganda People’s Congress president Olara Otunnu has vowed that he would not accept distraction from UPC members who are opposing him. UPC president Olara Otunnu Addressing a news conference in Kampala, Otunnu said there are moles within UPC who are doing NRM work. “Whereas the door is widen open for all party members to come and present their concerns, we have drawn a line between those who genuinely support the party cause and those who are executing President Museveni’s projects while wearing UPC colours,” Otunnu said. The former UN diplomat said as part of the scheme to kill the opposition, there are people who have been compromised to betray their parties. He said he is committed to internal democracy within UPC and would tolerate dissenting views from UPC members who are genuinely supporting the party. “The door of the UPC president is open to all. Internal disagreements are tolerated in UPC. That is why there are people who are opposed to me but I have recommended them to be included in the opposition shadow cabinet,” Otunnu explained. Dismissing the allegation that he is dictatorial, Otunnu said all the key decisions in UPC are made after discussions in various UPC organs like the National Council. A number of UPC MPs and members led by Lira Municipality MP have since last year been undertaking measures aimed at overthrowing Otunnu blaming him for being incompetent. By Moses Mulondo & Dennis Onyango, The New Vision

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Nobert Mao hits back at errant members

The Democratic Party president, Nobert Mao, has said the decision by the errant members not to appear for disciplinary proceedings will not stop the National Executive Committee (NEC) from taking decision at the end of the day. Describing the members’ decision as “a joke of confused people”, Mao told New Vision Monday that he was not shaken by the news of their disobedience. “That is their choice (not to appear) and I think they are confused. We are treating the decision as a joke because they have not communicated to us officially and in any case, NEC will have to take a decision,” Mao said. DP president Nobert Mao He added: “They should read the entire resolution of National Council before claiming that NEC is superseding powers of National Council in dealing with the matter. The reconciliation committee is mediating on how to reorganise Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) in an inclusive manner, but not on how to discipline them.” He insisted that the 32 members, including the Luwero Woman MP, Brenda Nabukenya, will have to explain why they led an errant group and convened a meeting of handpicked delegates and purported to hold elections of UYD leaders in total defiance of the decisions of the party. By Umaru Kashaka, The New Vision

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