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Washington Knew About Rwanda Genocide

rwanda genocide

Hundreds and thousands of Rwandans were killed in 1994, between April and July, in the country and it was the most rapid genocide ever recorded. The incidence has been compared with the Nazi Holocaust in its surreal brutality. The murdering were conducted with simple tools like herding the people into buildings and setting them aflame with kerosene. The murder weapons ...

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500 Rwandan Judges Sacked

Rwandan Judges

More than 500 judges in Rwanda have been sacked giving room to the appointment of 223 new ones and an effort to improve performance of judicial that had been crippled for long by 1994 genocide cases mainly number in thousands. The sacked judges are alleged to have lacked professional qualifications and were appointed hastily following the 1994 genocide that killed ...

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Rwandan President Paul Kagame Sworn In For Third Term

Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame was inaugurated Friday for a third term after emerging as a complete winner with about 99 percent of vote in the recent presidential election. The ceremony was attended by several African leaders in the Rwandan capital city Kigali. In his election campaign the longtime president had said the presidential election is just a formality and he ...

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Paul Kagame Wins Third Time Presidency Race By 98% Vote

Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame has been re-elected as the President of Rwanda. This is his third win in three consecutive terms, extending his time in office to 17 years. The incumbent president won by 98 percent votes and said in a televised speech the victory belongs to Rwandans who have trusted in him. Adding further the 59-year-old said he will be building ...

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Rwanda Opts Tanzania For Kenya In Developing Rail Links

Rwanda Finance Minister Claver Gatete said developing of proposed rail links through Tanzania to ports on the Indian Ocean would be cheaper and shorter compared to the Kenya route. According to studies the Tanzania option to cost somewhere between $800 million and $900 million where as the Kenyan route to cost $1 billion. Gatete said, “We are working on the ...

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Rugamba started a flourishing fashion house with Rwf200,000

The allure of staying and working in the United States of America is many a people’s dream, especially the youth. Rugamba explains how they make attire from African fabrics. Below, one of the workers does what she knows best. The New Times / Peterson Tumwebaze But for Matthew Rugamba, who went to college in the US, the promise of a better future lay back home. He told Business Times’ Peterson Tumwebaze why he chose to return home after college to start a fashion house in Kigali. The Bible says that “they have eyes, but they cannot see”. It is also a known fact that some of the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives could easily be turned into million dollar opportunities if we cared to think outside the ‘proverbial box’. Matthew Rugamba used to wear ties daily during his internship in the US. As time went on, the 21-year-old discovered that this presented a huge business opportunity that he could exploit as a niche enterprise. Dress code inspired Rugamba to start business When Rugamba was doing internship in Washington DC, his supervisor coached him about the importance of appropriate office dress code. Putting on a tie and ‘looking corporate’ while on duty was a must. “I was spending more on ties than on other basic needs combined. I didn’t like it because this was growing someone’s business; I had to think twice about it.” Rugamba says after graduating from the School of International Studies at Louis and Clerk College, in the United States, he decided to venture into fashion design. This was influenced by the fact that ties were selling like hot cakes in the US. “I told myself that if ties were on demand in the United States, it could be the same back home in Rwanda. With this in mind, I packed my bags and returned home to pursue my vision,” the graduate of international relations points out. When Rugamba landed at Kigali International Airport, he was armed with just $300 (about Rwf207,000) – part of the cash he saved from the pocket money his parents used to send him for upkeep. “I used to save at least a quarter of my pocket money because I knew that I would soon be on my own after college. I figured that if I was to start a new life after college and support myself, the savings would be my only hope,” he explains. He says when he had settled down in Kigali, he set about looking for a place where he could set up his enterprise. ...

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University of Ottawa to partner with UR

The University of Ottawa in Canada is set to partner with the newly created University of Rwanda (UR) to help strengthen higher education in Rwanda. President Kagame poses with the Chancellor of the University of Ottawo, Michaëlle Jean, shortly after the meeting at Village Urugwiro. Courtesy. This was announced yesterday by visiting former Governor General of Canada (2005-2010) and current Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, Michaëlle Jean. She was speaking to journalists shortly after meeting President Paul Kagame at Village Urugwiro in Kigali. The former Commander-in-Chief of Canada also held talks with officials from the Ministry of Education and the University of Rwanda. The Chancellor said that her university sees an opportunity in Rwanda’s bid to build a major public institution of higher learning that’s respected internationally. “We want to contribute to this endeavour where you want to have a university of great quality that will be recognised around the world as a university of quality. We want to become partners in this project,” she said. She said that starting with this year the University of Ottawa will waive tuition for some Rwandan students to complete their studies in Canada and give greater access to the university’s bursary programmes. “What we are offering is the possibility to contribute to building university programmes that are not found here. We would like a real partnership whereby the University of Ottawa and the University of Rwanda as well as other high learning institutions here can work together to train people on the ground in Rwanda,” she explained. Faculties at the Canadian university will also be encouraged to open up their programmes and resources to students from Rwanda, she added. “We want to really work in partnership. Students will study in Rwanda, have the opportunity to complete their studies in Canada and come back to Rwanda for their diplomas,” she said, adding that the partnership will not encourage brain drain. With 46,000 students, the University of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual campus in the world, teaching students from around the world in both English and French. The UR is expected to ensure that students in public higher learning institutions in Rwanda get better access to adequate study equipment, books, and more innovative and qualified lecturers. The varsity was created last year as a merger of all public institutions of higher learning. By Eugene Kwibuka,The New Times

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