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Rwanda To Investigate Violence At Its Kiziba Refugee Camp

refugee camp

Cause of protests is yet not understood that erupted at the Kiziba Refugee Camp in Karongi District in Rwanda on Tuesday. The Rwanda National Police is learned to be launching an investigation soon, confirmed by the Rwanda’s Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees Affairs (Midimar) through a press statement on Wednesday. The Kiziba Refugee Camp is home to thousands of ...

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US Warns Tanzania On Used Clothes Import Ban

used clothes import

United States has warned leaders of the East African Community (EAC) following their plan on ban of used clothes import by 2019 as the new move is considered as violates to the conditions that was set to expand trade and investment in the continent under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). EAC comprises of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi ...

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Washington Knew About Rwanda Genocide

rwanda genocide

Hundreds and thousands of Rwandans were killed in 1994, between April and July, in the country and it was the most rapid genocide ever recorded. The incidence has been compared with the Nazi Holocaust in its surreal brutality. The murdering were conducted with simple tools like herding the people into buildings and setting them aflame with kerosene. The murder weapons ...

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500 Rwandan Judges Sacked

Rwandan Judges

More than 500 judges in Rwanda have been sacked giving room to the appointment of 223 new ones and an effort to improve performance of judicial that had been crippled for long by 1994 genocide cases mainly number in thousands. The sacked judges are alleged to have lacked professional qualifications and were appointed hastily following the 1994 genocide that killed ...

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Rwandan President Paul Kagame Sworn In For Third Term

Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame was inaugurated Friday for a third term after emerging as a complete winner with about 99 percent of vote in the recent presidential election. The ceremony was attended by several African leaders in the Rwandan capital city Kigali. In his election campaign the longtime president had said the presidential election is just a formality and he ...

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Paul Kagame Wins Third Time Presidency Race By 98% Vote

Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame has been re-elected as the President of Rwanda. This is his third win in three consecutive terms, extending his time in office to 17 years. The incumbent president won by 98 percent votes and said in a televised speech the victory belongs to Rwandans who have trusted in him. Adding further the 59-year-old said he will be building ...

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Rwanda Opts Tanzania For Kenya In Developing Rail Links

Rwanda Finance Minister Claver Gatete said developing of proposed rail links through Tanzania to ports on the Indian Ocean would be cheaper and shorter compared to the Kenya route. According to studies the Tanzania option to cost somewhere between $800 million and $900 million where as the Kenyan route to cost $1 billion. Gatete said, “We are working on the ...

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