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85% Of Cancer Victims Are Smokers: Data

One of the leading causes of premature death is cancer; and believe it or not cigarette smoking is one of the leading cancer causing agents in this generation. Most people assume that smoking only causes lung cancer. Contrary to this belief it causes many other forms of cancer and on top of that there are several other diseases that come ...

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Researchers Decode Genetic Links Between Smoking And Lung Disease

Lung Disease

It is usually said smoking is not good for health, but some people do enjoy a healthy lungs despite being a lifetime smoker. This is true and something shocking for those who says smoking is not good for health. Researchers have now come up with a reason to it after analyzing over 50,000 people, both smokers as well as non-smokers. ...

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Hawaii Raises Legal Smoking Age To 21

The smoking age has now been increased to 21 in Hawaii and the new law is for traditional as well as electronic cigarettes. Hawaii becomes the first state in America to do so and the new legal age starts from January 1. Administrator with the chronic disease prevention and health promotion division of the Hawaii Department of Health, Lola Irvin, ...

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Smoking Raises Health Risks For Diabetes Patients: Study

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes and got a habit of smoking now and then, it is high time to quit it. A new study finds the two could lead to higher risks of heart diseases including stroke and death compared to those who never smoke or who have quit smoking lately. The study is published in the ...

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