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If You Want To Escape Catching Cold, Sleep Well, Says Researchers


In one of the recent studies researchers found less sleeping means more chances of getting cough and cold and the risk is four times compared to those individuals who gets enough sleep every night. The researchers studied 164 people and the participants were allowed to get exposed to a cold virus before tracking their sleep habits. At the beginning the ...

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Autonomous Car May Cause Motion Sickness: Research

Autonomous Car

The hype of autonomous car is at peak lately and everyone is talking about its advantages, one research points out a serious disadvantage of riding on it. Such cars may make riders sick, a kind of motion sickness. Riding on self-driving cars mean passengers pay attention to their likings instead of to the road and signals. This is the reason ...

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Handshake Can Be Easy Test To Assess Patient’s Health: Study


A handshakes speaks a lot about one’s character or nature. This is widely known, but lately researchers say it can say something about one’s health too. In one of the earlier studies conducted on more than 140,000 adults from 17 countries found firmness of hand grip reveals good health. Details of the study can be found in the online edition ...

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Infants’ Catch Whooping Cough More From Siblings, Less From Mom: Study

Whooping Cough

In a new study it is found infants are less to catch whooping cough from moms than from siblings. Researchers have also found a way how to protect this. Prior to the finding it was always assumed moms were the common source of infection for infants. Infants face greatest risk from whooping cough and sometimes it lead to death too, ...

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Study Finds Affordable Way To Treat Heart Disease

heart disease

In one of the new studies recently it was found aggressive treatment of blood pressure may help in reducing the risk of heart disease, kidney disease and other related systolic BP targets. The study was titled Sprint and was wrapped up early, much ahead of the scheduled conclude time this year, as puzzled cardiologist questions was answered conclusively which have ...

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Air Pollution Linked To Premature Deaths: Study

Air Pollution

In one of the earlier studies it was revealed air pollution leads to early dying. Toxic chemical particles found within the air are reason for the demise. It could send an individual to an early grave. The study was led by Professor George Thurston and he said they have found growing body of evidence of harmful matter in the air ...

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Sleep Amnea Can Be Treated With CPAP Therapy: Study

sleep amnea

In one of the studies earlier made it was found sleep apnea is treatable and is very possible with the help of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Let’s first understand what in fact is Sleep Apnea A person when stops breathing during sleep for few seconds, he or she come out of the deep sleep into light one and this ...

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