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South Sudan’s peace deal fake; To benefit oil companies, government, elites

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Post-independence civil war in South Sudan has seen about 400,000 deaths and now the country is trying to come out of it and see the black gold pumping but it is a big question who will mostly gain from expanded oil production. Until now billions of dollars have been lost in oil revenue in the war-torn country and following power-sharing ...

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Tanzania take on Uganda in CAF Cecafa region AFCON U-17 Qualifiers

The national U17 football team will be up against Ethiopia in a semi-final clash this afternoon as Amavubi Starlets battle for a spot in Sunday’s final at the ongoing Cecafa region qualifiers of the 2019 CAF Africa Cup of Nations in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Rwanda progressed to the last four after finishing second in Group A with six points ...

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Foundation of Kanem Empire in Western Sudan

Foundation of Kanem Empire

The Kanem Empire was one of Africa’s most powerful empires in the Western Sudan. It was so powerful that it survived its first fall and later rose to become the even more powerful Bornu Empire. The Kanem Empire was founded by the Kanuri people around A.D. 700. The Kanuri peoples originated from the racial fusion between the semi-nomadic Zaghawa tribe ...

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Foundation and Rise of the Songhai Empire in Africa

Songhai Empire in Africa

At the height of its power, the Songhai power controlled and exacted tribute across the western Sudan. With renowned commercial and scholarship hubs like Timbuktu and Gao, the empire rose to the kind of prominence and power that few empires in the western Sudan ever matched. The stage for the founding of the Songhai Empire was set in the Dendi ...

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Ugandan Rights Watchdogs Demand Arrest Of Visiting Sudan President


Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir is one a two-day visit to Uganda and amid his warm welcome the rights group of the country called on Monday for the arrest of the leader citing he has been wanted by the International Criminal Court for long for serious crimes in Sudan’s Darfur region. In 2015 al-Bashir visited South Africa, but the country didn’t ...

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East Africa Facing Hunger On Massive Scale, DEC Appeals For Fund

About sixteen million people in east Africa are facing hunger on a massive scale and Disasters Emergency Commission called on Wednesday a major appeal for funds to scale up the response to drought. The areas struck with drought most include Somalia, southern and south eastern Ethiopia and northern as well as coastal Kenya. There had been rianfall shortage of about ...

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South Sudan Fighters Encouraged To Rape As Form Of Wage

A new report by United Nations, backed by same from Amnesty International, writes the fighters in South Sudan have been encouraged to rape women in lieu of wages. UN has called South Sudan is having one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world. The report of Amnesty International writes government forces have deliberately suffocated to death dozens ...

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