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Moscow Begins Construction Of New Army Base Near Damascus

russian army base

Russia will be building up a new army base for its troops and officers in Khirbet Ra’es Al Waer in Syria. The territory has been leased by Damascus to Moscow for 49 years and to be renewable for another 25 years under mutual consent. The leasing was signed earlier this year in January and late last month the Russian technicians ...

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Damascus Struck By Twin Deadly Bombs; 40 Killed, Ton Injured

damascus twin bomb attacks

At least forty people have been killed in Syrian capital Damascus after two bombs exploded near to holy shrines of Shiites Muslims. More than ton is reported to have been wounded too in the blast. No jihad group or other militant organization has yet taken credit of the attacks, but it is believed to be an act of Islamic State ...

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Illegal Immigration From Syria, Yemen, Middle East Raises Concern

Dar es Salaam – Illegal immigrants have increase largely and this is a matter of concern for the Immigration Services Department, which said the issue is mostly from hotspots of civil and political unrest in the region as well as in Middle East. Briefing to the press the Deputy Commissioner of Immigration Wilson Bambaganya said between January and February this ...

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ISIS Feels Threatened, Declares State Of Emergency In Capital Raqqa

The Islamic State militant group believes very soon they may come under siege in their self-declared capital Raqqa. US military officials have been closely keeping a watch of the ISIS on social media and news reports. Col. Steve Warren, US-led anti-ISIS coalition spokesman, said Friday they have found declaration of emergency in the capital, felling threatened. The US has not ...

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Syria Faces Complete Electricity Outage

It is not known what had gone wrong, but the entire country faced electricity outage. Syrian electrical department are working in restoring the power and by late afternoon power resumed in some of the places, said ministry of electricity. As of now it is not clear how many people were affected by the outage as many cities which were not ...

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Humanitarian Crisis Worst In Syria Since Russia Halts Aid Services

Russian airstrikes have halted aid supply to Syria and this had worsened humanitarian crisis in the northern part of the country. The latest move of Moscow is escalated by the shot down of its warplane on the Turkey-Syria border on November 24 by Turkish fighter jet. Russia also responded to the Turkish act by shutting down trade deals with Turkey ...

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Iraq To Share ISIS Information With Russia: Announcement

Iraq has agreed to share ISIS intelligence with Russia, Iran as well as with Syria. Announcing the update, the Iraqi military said the step was well required as Russians in thousand have joined the Islamic State. Secretary of State John Kerry said such all such efforts are to be coordinated. Meanwhile, Russia has started building up an air base near ...

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