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Zambia Bans Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu

To avoid getting the morals of public corrupt the Zambian government has finally joined Zimbabwe to ban Zodwa Wabantu in the country. The South African entertainer was scheduled to perform in Zambia and had earlier promied, through a video clip on social media, her fans in the country to be showcasing her talent without wearing underwear. National Guidance and Religious ...

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Zambian President Edgar Lungu Faces Criticism Over His Election Remark

Zambian President Edgar Lungu

Zambian President Edgar Lungu may not be found eligible in contesting the 2021 elections and in context to this he came under attack on Friday for his remarks to be intimating the judges who are presiding his case. The president said Zambia will come under chaos situation if the court stops him from contesting the elections. He was speaking in ...

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Zambian Town Of Kabwe Is World’s Most Toxic Town; Cleaning Has Begun

Kabwe, zambia

Some 100km north of Zamibian capital Lusaka is Kabwe town and it is news frequently for bad reason. It is the world’s most toxic town. Brains and other organs of people living there have been almost damaged due to mass lead poisoning. Children have also continued to be poisoned every day. Environmental health expert at New York University, Prof. Jack ...

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China Raises Voice Against Arrest Of Chinese People In Zambia

chinese miner

Zambia arrested about dozens of Chinese people over the weekend alleging they practised illegal mining. The issue has now been highlighted and China has complained to Zambian authorities as strong evidence has not been provided. Zambia says the 31 arrested Chinese nationals operated unlicensed smelting plants and they even employed minors apart from other things which are not allowed in ...

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Zambian Police Cannot Marry Foreigners: Law

Zambian police can’t marry foreigners. It is illegal in the country. In a crackdown over national security officials said Thursday they can only wed someone from the country. Even though human rights’ groups described it as discrimination, but this is a long-established wedding regulations in Zamiba. It is learned the number of such police officers have increased lately who get ...

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Increased VAT Decreases Cargo Volume At Dar Es Salaam Port

Dar es Salaam – Lately the cargo volume passing through Dar es Salaam has been reduced and the Value Added Tax on transit goods are blamed and not the fear of making decision by port management or red tape. According to Hebel Mhanga, the Acting Port Manager, the VAT on transit goods comes as a fear to importers considering it ...

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Zambia Arrests Two Journalists Of Privately-Owned Newspaper For Defaming President

Two press people have been arrested in Zambia over a story that says President Edgar Lungu used public funds to pay for a holiday in 2015, though it cited opposition leader. Zambia is scheduled to go on polls in August this year and ahead of it the articles published in privately-owned newspaper has fueled up political tension in the country. ...

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