Tandahimba DC Orders Arrest Of Pregnant School Girls

Tandahimba DC Orders Arrest Of Pregnant School Girls

Tandahimba District Commissioner Sebastian Waryuba has come up with strict order in the district in an effort to end school student pregnancies. He has asked the arrest of 55 secondary school girls who were left pregnant in the period of last two years.

The DC said Monday in a district consultative committee meeting that parents of the listed children are to be detained too as investigations are still pending in the cases even though it is not a matter whether the girls are out of school or not.

Following the pregnancies most of the girls were expelled from their schools.

He has urged for a detailed report of the 55 cases from secondary school education officer of the district, Sostenes Luhende.

He said, “I want all the information about these girls, including their names, schools and those of their parents. I also want to know what steps have been taken against them so far.”

Waryuba continued saying a copy of the report is to be given to him as well as another copy of the same to police for further investigations.

He added the arrests have been ordered for the students as well as for the parents to implement investigations in proper directions and catch hold of those who made the girls pregnant.

Usually the investigations failed to reach to proper direction due to non-cooperation from those who are involved.

He said it is to be unacceptable that these girls should be expelled from schools due to being pregnant.