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Tanzania Bans Unprocessed Food Crops Including Staple Food Maize

After ban of gold and copper export Tanzanian has now stopped selling of unprocessed food crops outside the country.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa announced the ban on Monday amid celebration of Eid al-Fitr in Moshi Municipality.

The measure has been taken to encourage investment in agro-processing industries and it will create employment too in Tanzania, said Majaliwa.

PM added the new ban will be effective immediately prohibiting everyone from exporting of such food crops which are not added value and urged investors to invest in agro-processing industries. Only processed food crops should be traded out of the country like in case of maize the maize flour could be exported.

Those who will be attempting to smuggle raw maize could face seizing of the products and to be taken to the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA).

The prime minister also stressed food security is one of the main reasons for the ban of unprocessed food crops.

The country’s main staple food is raw maize. Some of the east and central African countries too consume maize the most.

Meanwhile, Majaliwa has called upon the local government authorities and security agencies of the country to improve vigilance in those border posts which are notorious for smuggling like Sirari, Namanga, Horohoro, Siha, Holili, Mwanga and Tarakea.

The prime minister urged traders to collect maize from those areas where the harvest has been good and deliver to the areas which are suffering with food shortage like in Geita and Shinyanga.

Strict actions would be taken against those who will not be abiding by the ban.

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