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Tanzania Launches Initiative For Refugees Protection

Tanzania has come up with an initiative for refugees protection in a more systematic and sustainable response.

East African nation’s Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Hamadi Masauni, called the new initiative as Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in Tanzania.

He also appealed to the international community to offer proper support to the government in implementing the initiative and meeting requirements of the refugees.

Launching the initiative in Dar es Salaam Masauni added further that the international community is urged to play its part by supporting the local integration of the former 1972 Burundian refugees as they have already been granted the status of citizenship.

The launching was attended by United Nations agencies, international financial institutions, humanitarian and development NGOs, members of civil society, developing partners and academia who are committed to coordinate in the protection of refugees.

The minister further continued that the country is proud in providing protection and safety to the refugees who have fled war, violence and persecution.

He said, “Tanzania recognizes the unity of people, and we look forward to working alongside partners.”

UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representative in Tanzania, Charisa Kapaya, said they are committed in supporting the country.

She added, “There is an urgent need for understanding that the dramatic growth in the suffering of people who have fallen victim to war.”

The country presently hosts over 312,000 refugees including more than 250,000 Burundian refugees. The arrivals of new refugees have continued in significant figure.

The Burundi war broke in 2015. Refugees protection now is to be a priority by countries in the region.

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