Tanzania Offers Cheapest Data Cost In Africa: Report

A report by ICT Africa reveals Tanzania has the lowest mobile data cost in the continent.

The #DataMustFall campaign has gained traction in Africa and rate for one gig in the country is at 0.89 US dollars. In South Africa it is high at 5.26 US dollars. The other markets with higher mobile data cost are Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria.

In Kenya the cost of 1GB data is 5.0 US dollars where is in Egypt it is at 2.8 US dollars. In Malawi the price is at 5.8 US dollars and in Nigeria one gig is at 5.26 US dollars.

State-owned TTCL has just rolled 4G LTE in Tanzania.

The report added there’s relationship between the cost in relevant countries and profit to the companies.
Telkom expert Kamugisha Kazaura said they have the lowest cost in the region and this has been possible by the roll out of 4G LTE technology by TTCL.

Former TTCL Chief Executive Officer Kazaura said the prices offered by TTCL are highly affordable and this forced the private players to lower down their cost too.

He added competition from private players in the country has contributed in making the cheapest rate in the region.

Internet penetration is still low in Tanzania. It is hardly 20 percent where as the global average is between 45 and 50 percent. The scenario is being considered positive as the potentiality of growth is good and opportunities are immense.

Internet World Stats data earlier revealed the country to reach 7,590,794 by June 30 this year and this is about 14.5 percent of total population of the country.