Tanzania Ready For Engaging Stakeholders In Improving Education: Government

Tanzanian government revealed getting ready to engage stakeholders in the 2030 Education Agenda and achieve the goal as planned in ensuring equitable quality education as well as promote life-long learning across the country for all.

Speaking Thursday on the official opening of a two-day Ministerial SGD4 (Sustainable Development Goals) Regional Forum for Eastern Africa, Prof. Joyce Ndalichako, said the government is collaborating with the stakeholders for the achievement of education goals.

Prof. Ndalichako is Tanzanian Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training Minister. High-level government representatives from thirteen countries attended the forum.

The professor added the government educational agenda has given roadmap to the future of the country on international platform that quality and enhanced education can impact outcomes to the people.

She further said with the SGD4- Education 2030 lies the government is determined working closely with all the stakeholders in improving the quality of education for citizens in the long run. The education offered will be equitable and benefit the children, youth, men and women in the long run irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances.

She mentioned, “Our responsibility is to ensure that we have effective action plans to implement and monitor the national education agenda.”

She said without education the development of Tanzania cannot be possible.

Public sector as well as private sector offer education in Tanzania. Sports competitions have always been an important part of the school activities. However, lack of study environment, poor nutrition and inability to master the English language could be noticed widely.

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