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Tanzania Sets Stricter Regulations For School Buses Following Deadly Accident

Tanzania has now cracked heavily on the safety features of school bus following a recent deadly crash that killed 35 people and most of them were school children.

Stricter safety rules have been hovered to help prevent such crashes in future.

According to Arusha senior assistant commissioner of police, Yusuph Ilembo, the school bus must take precautions while transporting school children.

He added the buses should be good and well checked including the condition of tires. The drivers must never drive when drunk and should not exceed the assigned speed limit.

The accident on May 6 was very deadly that killed 32 school girls, two teachers and bus driver.

The skeleton of lime green minimus currently is in the yard of Arusha traffic police with twisted front wheels revealing strong impact of the accident. The orange benches in it are crushed together.

The students were from Lucky Vincent Primary school in Arusha.

The minibus plunged into a ravine and the accident impact caused seats to undone and fly forward.

The assistant commissioner added school buses across the region are being checked and whether are equipped with seatbelts.

Some of the ministers in opposition believe strict routine regulation is to be required for bus operators who always aim to maximize profit by plying old buses and employing less qualified drivers.

Meanwhile, one of the top-rated elementary schools in Arusha, Lucky Vincent, has launched an online donation page to help the families of students who died in the crash.

Three American medical volunteers helped in rescuing three survivors of the accident.

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