Tanzanian Students Bullying, Teasing Albinism In Classrooms

Dar es Salaam – The skin color of Alibinism in Africa leads to negative social constructions, and to such an extent that often they are believed to have been cursed or they are evil cannibals.

Witch doctors in Tanzania believe the Albinos are immortal and also genitals of such people bring wealth. A long history too stands about murders of such albinos to use their body parts in rituals. This has resulted with hiding of Albinism in fear of being killed.

Apart from facing threat of physical violence, the albinism also suffer discrimination in their daily lives. Albinism child are discriminated in schools because of their skin color.

If believed in the theory, it is said the Tanzanian laws protect albinos as the constitution has included equality clause saying all human beings are born free and are equal.

However, across the country presence of difference can be seen and this is the reason the school students too find it okay to tease albinos.

Added to this, it is also said lack of education about albinism too drive the teasing by students.

A research reveal schools and teachers are not much aware about the educational needs of albinism students.

It is said policymakers, teachers, parents as well as health specialists need to know support is needed for the albinism children. Bullying should be tackled in the schools.

Share your own views what else can be done at schools and home to teach about albinism to students so that teasing in classroom ends. Use the below given comment box.

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