Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions

Top 3 Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions

Breastfeeding is a natural process and seems to be easy for women but it is not. It also needs a bit of learning. Below are the top 10 noticeable problems while breastfeeding along with their proper and proven solutions.

Clogged/plugged ducts

If the milk is not drained completely then it leads to the clogging of ducts. A hard lump can be seen on the breast or some soreness. Even some redness may appear. If feverish follow or it is achy then it’s a sign of infection. You need to consult your doctor in such case. An important thing to take note here, do not have long stretches between the feedings. In fact milk should be expressed often. Apart from all these, your tight nursing bra may also be the cause of clogged ducts. It will be surprising, but true in all new mommies, that stress affects milk flow too.

Solution to clogged/plugged ducts

Try to take enough rest. Apply warm compresses at short intervals to the breasts and also massage them well in order to stimulate the milk movement.

Remember, clogged ducts are never harmful to baby as the milk contains natural antibiotics.

Engorgement/high milk supply

Baby may find difficulties in latching due to engorgement as the breast becomes hard and is unconforming to the mouth.

Solution of engorgement/high milk supply

Before feeding your baby hand-express little to you breast to soften it and make the milk flowing. It makes easier for the baby to access the milk. Remember, the more you nurse your breast, the less it will get engorged.


It’s a bacterial infection and you get flu-like symptoms. You may get pain in your breasts and also fever at the same time. After baby’s birth at least in the first few weeks this can be seen. Even the same can happen during weaning. The main causes for these are engorgement, clogged ducts or cracked skin.

Solution to Mastitis

Antibiotics, frequent emptying and hot compresses are the only ways to treat this infection. Do hands-on pumping and soften the periphery of the breast and red firm areas. Don’t stop feeding during mastitis. It is absolutely safe. In fact it is recommended to continue breastfeeding then.