tanzanian celebs involved in drug abuse

Top Tanzanian Celebs Questioned Over Drug Crackdown

Some of the renowned Tanzanian celebrities have been questioned by police at the central police in Dar es Salaam suspected of drug trafficking and drug abuse in the latest crackdown on anti-narcotics trade.

Some of the celebs named by a local newspaper include former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu, singer Khalid Mohammed alias TID, Dogo Hamidu and Babuu wa Kitaa.

A summon was released earlier for six celebrities to visit the central police station, informed Tanzanian Ministry of Internal Security on Monday in a press release.

The summoned included Emmanuel Elibariki, Rehema Chalamila alias Ray C, Nassib Abdul alias Diamond Platinumz, Wema Sepetu’s fiance Idris Sultan, Abas Mtevu, Azan Zungu and Rugemarila Mutahaba.

According to the regional commissioner Paul Makonda, the police has summoned three other police officers, one musician and found other people too.

Makonda added, “There are three other police officers who shared Sh 1 billion last week, the money was obtained from drug trafficking business.”

Reputations of the celebs should not be hampered in the crackdown, said minister of information, culture, arts and sports Nape Nnauye.

The questioning of top celebs has sparked public debate and particularly on how they are being handled by police without coming down to conclusion whether they are wrong or right, said Nnauye.

However, most of the questioned are victims of drug abuse and are sick, added the minister.

Nnauye further mentioned, “Let’s not judge them on the basis of accusations alone; we should be mindful that it takes years and a fight of a lifetime to create a brand.”

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