Two suicide blasts at Baidoa town in Somali; 15 killed

Baidoa town of Somali was rocked on Saturday with two powerful, suicide blasts and at least fifteen people were killed and several others injured.

Al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab Islamist terror group claimed responsibility of the two attacks.

According to a survivor one of the bombers threw a grenade at a restaurant. He was wearing a suicide belt but could not detonate it. He was shot dead.

The city is scheduled for an election next month and former al-Shabab leader is one of the candidates. As he is under UN sanctions the Somali government is blocking him from contesting.

Last October Baidoa was attacked by a truck loaded with explosives and about 600 people were killed. It was deadliest in Africa’s history.

Meanwhile, a monument at the site of attack was lit up in red to honor the victim.

Survivor Abdullahi Ali Mohamed lost his wife in the attack. Both had a small kiosk at the site. He was taken to Turkey for treatment and after about a month learned his wife was dead.

Following his recovery, after about five months, he returned back to the town to establish his kiosk business again as rents and other liabilities piled up and he failed to find any job.

He said first few days were painful as he had lost his wife at the site.

Similarly, one another business owner, Abdi Hassan Ali, escaped the blast by leaving the place hours before. Her sister Faisa replaced him for the shift. She was killed.

Al-Shabab had control over Baidoa between 2009 and 2012.