UN Donates $16 Million To Zimbabwe Relief Fund For Flood Victims

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) donated to Zimbabwe government an amount of $16 million to assist more than 32,000 flood victims in the country in addition to the earlier allocated $82 million in 2016.

The country was hit by worst drought last year and more than four million people in rural parts were affected.

United Nations resident coordinator Bishow Parajuli said the fund is a critical resource to be used as life-saving interventions to the affected communities.

Speaking during the handover ceremony he added the CERF fund is most highly useful for those who are still living in temporary camps and will also help all the disadvantaged communities as well as build national resilience.

Parajuli continued that the funds will be used in providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene. It will also be favored to offer emergency education materials to more than 12,500 pupils and emergency shelter to over 2,600 households.

Saviour Kasukuwere, chairperson of the Cabinet committee on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Mangement, had commended the UN engagement to support for relief responses.

Kasukuwere said, “The Government of Zimbabwe appreciates the UN’s support provided since the onset of the disaster and the financial commitment.”

He added that the Zimbabwe government is committed to provide all the required assistance to the affected communities.

The Zimbabwean government launched a $189 million appeal earlier this year after declaration of national flood disaster to address the impact of flood disaster.

Families and people are still deprived of basic needs in the affected area, particularly in the southern part of the country.

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