zimbabwe president house arrest

US Monitoring Zimbabwe’s Political Crisis Closely

BREAKING: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace Mugabe under house arrest by military.

The U.S. State Department said Wednesday they are monitoring the political crisis situation of Zimbabwe closely following the house arrest of President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace Mugabe by the army.

The department added White House is not taking the sides in the internal matters of the country.

Report emerges the military is not calling it a coup but to force one of Africa’s longest-standing dictators to step down.

In capital Harare the ground reality is not like one would expect. People are walking freely and almost in joyous mood even though military presence could be seen everywhere. People are in fact excited the country would be freed from the Mugabe rule.

A mobile airtime vouchers seller in the capital city, Felix Tsanganyiso, said he is doing his business without any harassment and so far so good.

Last week Mugabe fired his deputy to pave the way for his wife to the position. However, the first lady is unpopular among the citizens for her lavish spending on jewels, cars and mansions.

The 52-year-old went to court very recently to sue a diamond dealer for not supplying her a 100-carat diamond after the money was paid in advance.

Maj. Gen. Sibusiso Moyo said Wednesday in a televised address to the nation that army has guaranteed safety of the president and his wife.

Southern Africa consultant for International Crisis Group, Piers Pigou, said the country may enter a period of negotiation.

He added, “Zimbabwe could have some kind of inclusive government and some kind of democratic process.”