Walking Tours in Cairo, Egypt

Several tour operators offer interesting foot tours for tourists to Cairo, Egypt. There is so much to see in this Egyptian city that a visitor could spend weeks here without scratching the surface of all the sightseeing opportunities.

Photography Walking Tours in Cairo

Viator is one tour operator that offers outstanding photography tours. At a cost of approximately $180, the price includes visits to covered markets, mosques, palaces and areas that present wonderful photographic opportunities. Tours include a guide who provides advice on photography in Cairo such as lighting, composition and capturing the atmosphere of a particular scene in this unique city.

Personalized Walking Tours

There is no shortage of unofficial guides who will approach a tourist in the street, offering foot tours through the city. Be wary of them, they are usually paid by a shop owner or friend and will attempt to steer a visitor in the direction of a store.

Special interest or personalized tours can be arranged through Cairo’s cultural organizations. Infohub offers information regarding a wide range of tours, including walking tours. Guided tours are usually also offered through hotels or tourist offices.

DIY Walking Tours Through Cairo

Get hold of a good guidebook or map of Cairo in order to plan a walking tour. The city is chaotic with traffic and people, but planning a walking tour carefully will allow one to take in many sights without paying anything except entrance fees.

Consider starting the day by visiting Egyptian Museum. Take two hours at least to see the rare collection of artifacts and the largest, most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world, including an exhibit dedicated to the Tutankhamen collection of treasures. Enter the Mummies two halls (optional) and have a look at the animal mummification hall (for free).

Head down Qasr al-Nil Street is lined with boutiques and shoe shops. Take note of the architecture of buildings built in the early 1900’s such as the Cosmopolitan Hotel, opened in 1902 as the Metropolitan. The upper end of Talaat Harb marks the beginning of Cairo’s entertainment district, with plenty of theaters and belly-dancing shows. There are plenty of bakeries and coffee shops, offering sticky baklava and other middle eastern treats.

Foot Tours in Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo is one the most fascinating area of Cairo, with some of the most interesting Egyptian bazaars and mosques in the city. A walking tour of Islamic Cairo will take you through bazaars such as Muski, the Street of the Tentmakers, and of course the most famous Egyptian bazaar, Khan al-Khalili. An organized walk through Islamic Cairo also passes by some of the most famous Egyptian mosques, such as al-Azhar, al-Hussein, and al-Hakim and museums in the area.

At least a day is recommended to explore Islamic Cairo, research well in advance for either a do-it-yourself tour or an organized tour to fit in the main attractions. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and carry plenty of bottled water.