If You Want To Escape Catching Cold, Sleep Well, Says Researchers

In one of the recent studies researchers found less sleeping means more chances of getting cough and cold and the risk is four times compared to those individuals who gets enough sleep every night.

The researchers studied 164 people and the participants were allowed to get exposed to a cold virus before tracking their sleep habits.

At the beginning the volunteers underwent health screenings and filled up a questionnaire. Next, the sleeping habits of all were measured for one week and thereafter the researchers started the study.

During the study period all the people were made to stay in a hotel room.

Researchers administered cold virus on the volunteers via nasal drops and monitored them for a week. Their mucus samples were collected to track whether the virus has taken hold.

After one week the researchers found those who slept less than six hours had the risk of catching cold by 4.2 times compared to those participants who slept more than 7 hours a night during the study week.

The researchers further found those volunteers who slept even less than 5 hours were more likely to catch cold by 4.5 times.

Details of the study were then published in the Sleep Journal and lead author Aric Prather wrote, “In a new study it is found those who sleep less may have more chance of catching a cold. The risk in four times compared to those who get enough sleep.”

Prather is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California in San Francisco.