WHC Offering Housing At Comfortable Prices In Dodoma

Watumishi Housing Company (WHC) is learned to be constructing five hundred houses in the Tanzanian capital city Dodoma for the accommodation of public servants when offices from Dar es Salaam shifts here.

According to WHC Chief Executive Officer Dr Fred Msemwa, it is a great opportunity for the company to capitalize and ensure sufficient housing units are provided for public servants when the government has taken decision to shift its seat to the new city.

He added the decision of shift of the government has been welcomed and the company would start constructing first 100 units immediately. These houses will be of different sizes to make purchasing comfortable for public servants as the prices ranges from 35m to 65m per unit.

WHC mentioned there will be good demand for houses in the new city in near future and the 50 hectares acquired land at Njedengwa investment area would accommodate 500 units.

The company also urged public servants to prioritize purchasing houses in Dodoma as the area is equipped with all the basic infrastructures like good roads, clean water supply and electricity. Also, the houses are available at affordable prices compared to building own houses.

Currently most of the Tanzanians are finding tough to buy houses due to high interest rate for housing loans. It is somewhere between 16 to 19 percent.

However, the new government has vowed to lower down the interest rates to help people buy houses comfortably by acquiring loans.

The annual demand for houses in the country is 200,000 units and deficit is about three million.