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Why Good Roads Important In Tanzania For Industrial Development

The industrialisation drive has kicked off in the country amid immense effort of the John Magufuli government that is focusing on turning into a middle-income economy come by 2025.

However, several requirements need to be implemented before the goal is achieve like skilled and semi-skilled manpower, reliable electricity and reliable transport.

One of the recent findings reveal many roads in Dar es Salaam are in pathetic condition and it reflects the overall state of roads in Tanzania.

The Citizen added further most of the paved roads in the city are dotted with potholes and several others are washed away completely.

The situation repeats every year and repair works begins every June raising questions what is happening to the city roads and is the situation result of poor workmanship. It is also questioned why the roads require intensive repair every year.

Well, if poor workmanship is to be blamed, then what could be the root cause. Whether corruption is to be blamed or poor technology knowhow. Also, what need to be done to ensure good roads comes up in the country which are able to withstand the vagaries of nature.

Experts say efficient transportation system brings economic benefits and this again reminds the importance of passable roads to have industrial economy.

It is to note that poor roads undermine the achievability of this goal. Good roads save fuel as well as time. It also saves money from vehicle repairs and parts replacement. So, building up good roads is highly important for the development of the country.

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