Zambian President Edgar Lungu

Zambian President Edgar Lungu Faces Criticism Over His Election Remark

Zambian President Edgar Lungu may not be found eligible in contesting the 2021 elections and in context to this he came under attack on Friday for his remarks to be intimating the judges who are presiding his case.

The president said Zambia will come under chaos situation if the court stops him from contesting the elections.

He was speaking in northwestern Zambia’s Solwezi district on Thursday and cited intelligence information about some of the judges are in contact with some parties of the international community to stop him contest for the upcoming elections.

Edgar Lungu became president of Zambia after the death of President Michael Sata, who won the elections in 2011 and couldn’t finish his term. Later, in 2016, Lungu won the elections.

Zambian constitution bars the president to contest elections for third term and critics say Lungu’s first term was the period that he served following Sata’s death.

Oppostion leaders petitioned the Constitutional Court to help judge whether he could contest the presidential elections for the third time.

Meanwhile, the Law Association of Zambia has released a press statement saying it is concerned over the petition of some opposition leaders.

The Facebook page of Young African Leaders Initiative Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza reads in this context, “Those who respect the constitution are patient at heart when the matter involves their interest.”

Mwanza added that the remarks of current Zambian president are damaging the independence of the judiciary.

All the well-meaning citizens should condemn the remarks of Lungu, said leader of the opposition All People’s Congress party, Nason Msoni.

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