Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Finally Resigns

With the resignation of President Robert Mugabe the Zimbabweans are calling it an end era after 37 years and the near-ruined economy of the country may improve.

Mugabe’s resignation came as a letter that was read out in parliament by the speaker. It was shocking as he had resisted pressure to do so until now. He once had even said only God can remove him from the presidential chair.

In the letter the old man mentioned he is resigning to allow a peaceful and smooth transfer of power and it is his voluntary decision to do so.

An impeachment hearing against him started on Tuesday, but with his resignation it was abruptly halted.

Meanwhile, lawmakers from ruling as well as opposition parties roared with glee after the resignation announcement and scenes of joy erupted in the streets too witnessing people singing, dancing, waving flags and honking car horns.

It is learned former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the ruling Zanu-PF party will become the next president.

Mnangagwa was sacked earlier this month by the president. Political crisis was triggered as many believed it is an attempt to clear the path for the first lady Grace Mugabe to succeed husband.

Zimbabwe achieved freedom from the British rule in 1980 and since then Mugabe has been at the country’s helm.

In year 2000 the economy of Zimbabwe collapsed and unemployment currently is about 90 percent. The country’s currency has triggered inflation lately and each month the import prices are rising as much as 50 percent.