Zimbabwean First Lady Warns NGOs Will Not Be Welcomed

Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe said Friday NGOs will not be entertained any more in the country as bumper harvest has been seen this year and politics of Zimbabwe should not be disturbed.

Mugabe is the leader of ruling Zanu-PF party’s women’s wing and she added it is time for them to vet some of the NGOs which are operating in Zimbabwe.

For past several years the NGOs have been providing aid to the people in Zimbabwe amid the country went through drought and poor harvests.

Earlier, ahead of the country’s general elections, President Robert Mugabe accused the NGOs for interfering in the country’s politics.

The government had also threatened the NGOs to declare de-registered.

The NGOs were also accused then to be working with opposition Movement for Democratic Change to topple the Mugabe’s government.

However, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) criticized the statement of first lady saying her utterances smacked of hypocrisy.

CiZC is a consortium of many NGOs which are currently operating in the country.

CiZC director Memory Kadau said, “The presence of the NGOs providing food has been necessitated by the government’s incompetence and failure to feed the starving communities.”

He added that most of the NGOs are responding to the failure of the government and providing the required services.

Kadau further continued that it is on record the country had requested for assistance from international community.

The NGOs are currently assisting the government in education, health and other sectors of economy.

Just a day ago Sweden announced increased support to the Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund.

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